Lamb - 4-H Livestock Sale

2020 Lambs for sale

Kasey Purdy – Hi, my name is Kasey Purdy. I have been a member of 4-H for 8 years. At my school I am the co-President of the National Jr. Honor Society and the President and a founding member of the knitting club. I enjoy spinning and knitting with wool from my own sheep. This is my first year participating in the 4-H Market Livestock project where I wanted to learn about the profitability of raising sheep for meat. I learned that you need to know your market and what your buyer is looking for in a finished animal. I plan to feed my animals more grain next year so they compare more favorably to the other livestock being marketed in the sale.

Cheviot/Dorset/Scottish Blackface Wether Lamb-54 lbs.


Cheviot/Dorset/Scottish Blackface Ewe Lamb 68 lbs.


Daisy Trowbridge – Hi, my name is Daisy Trowbridge. I have been in 4-H for 8 years and I am also a member of the NY Jr. Beef Producers Association where I have been on the Board for the past two years. I have also participated in many shows and sales. I enrolled in the 4-H Market Livestock project because my grandfather, Phil Trowbridge, encouraged me to be a part of this great program. I also wanted something fun to do in the summer. I have learned how to market animals and go out and talk to prospective buyers through this project. With this knowledge I have learned how to be a better marketer and be more involved with livestock. This is why I am very thankful to have this opportunity to be a part of 4-H.

Grand Champion Market Lamb-140 lbs.


Jordin Radley – Hi, my name is Jordin Radley. I’ve been a member of 4-H for 4 years. I’m in the NY Jr. Beef Producers Association and have participated in many sales plus have shown multiple species of animals. I joined 4-H because I was very interested in farm animals and wanted them in my own life. In 4-H I have learned how to take on more responsibilities and how to manage my time. I will take this knowledge on with me throughout my life and will use it to help me deal with any obstacles I might face. Overall 4-H has taught me so much and has been a great impact on my everyday life.

First Place Lightweight Lamb-123 lbs.


Anneke Nijboer – Hi, my name is Anneke Nijboer and I have been a 4-H member for 2 years. I am also a member of the NY Jr. Beef Producers Association. I have participated in the 4-H Livestock Sale for two years. I joined 4-H because I wanted to be a part of a working community and involved with animals. I have experienced and learned about how much hard work and care goes into each animal. I will use this knowledge later in life by knowing how challenging something can be. 4-H has given me an opportunity to build up my life and I am very thankful for that!

Third Place Heavyweight Lamb-148 lbs.


Brendan Ooms – Hi, I am Brendan Ooms and 19 years old. I have been a 4-H member for 10 years and involved in the 4-H Livestock project for 6 years. I enrolled in the 4-H Livestock Project in 2014 because I wanted to try something new, a new experience, a new adventure. I had never shown hogs or sheep before and decided to try it out. I really enjoyed it and it has taught me responsibility. I have learned why they call them pigs, but they can be very intelligent. I’ve learned through my involvement in this project that it takes time, money and energy to raise livestock animals. I learned about the various tasks that have to be done in order to get livestock animals ready for showing, whether it be clipping, training, walking and more. I have also learned about the financial aspect of raising a livestock animal. I currently use this knowledge and experience on my family’s dairy farm when doing such work as feeding bottle calves to feeding TMR to the rest of the herd. I greatly enjoyed my time, adventure and experience in the 4-H Livestock project!

Second Place Medium Weight Lamb-133 lbs


Second Place Lightweight Lamb-130 lbs.


Patrick Stark – Hi, I am Patrick Stark. I am 15 years old and live in Ghent, NY on my family’s farm. I have been a 4-H member for 8 years. I enjoy raising and showing my livestock animals. I enrolled in 4-H because I enjoy learning and working with the animals. Working and raising the steers, heifers, and cows are my favorite. I was very disappointed that I could now show my cow-calf pairs at the Chatham Fair or any other shows we usually attend. I have a beautiful Hereford heifer and bull calf that were born this spring through AI breeding right here on our farm. I have learned a lot in 4-H. First, I have learned how to feed animals properly and show them. I have also learned about fitting them. Next, with the help of my friend Robert, Mr. Trowbridge and my mom, we have started AI breeding and trying to improve our Hereford head of show cattle. It is always exciting to see the new calves in the spring. I also like raising and working with the lambs because they can sometimes be challenging in the ring and not always cooperative. The pigs have funny personalities and are funny when they run down the barn. Best of all, they like to eat marshmallows!

Reserve Champion Market Lamb-135 lbs.


Second Place Heavyweight Lamb-140 lbs.



Linda Tripp
Issue Leader, 4-H Youth Development
(518) 828-3346 ext. 210

Last updated August 25, 2020