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Image by Jeshu John

Warren County Wild Bird Art Contest

As people are seeking activities to do at home, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Warren County is introducing a virtual wild bird art contest. The program will be open to youth and adults, with several age categories and participants can be from anywhere within New York State. The contest will begin April 20 and end May 20.

CCE would like to share the following sites to help beginners and even experienced artists hone their skills. Here are some resources:

Drawing a Bird / Robin with Simple Shapes for Preschoolers, Toddlers, Young Kids

How to draw a Bird for kids | Bird Drawing Lesson Step by Step

How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals

How to Sketch Birds

How To Draw A Bird |Audubon

How to Draw a Realistic Bird

How to Draw Birds | John Muir Laws

Deadline: All entries must be submitted in one of two ways: emailed to John Bowe at as a jpeg or PDF file OR mailed to CCE of Warren County Attn: John Bowe 377 Schroon River Road Warrensburg, NY 12885. Emails must arrive by midnight on May 20th. Mailed entries must be postmarked no later than May 19th.


Disclaimer: By submitting an entry or entries to this contest, you are giving permission to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County permission to use your image on our Facebook, website, blogs, and in any public displays we can arrange for this entries.

Prizes: Cloverbud (5-7) youth will each receive a Participant ribbon and no overall winner will be selected. For Youth 9-12, 13-19, and Adults Over the age of 19, the top recipient will received a $10 gift certificate to Hobby Lobby.

CCE looks forward to seeing what each of you submits. Get outside and sketch or paint!

  • The work can be no larger than 8.5” x 11”.
  • This must be an original piece started and completed within the contest entry dates and deadline dates.
  • Each participant is limited to one entry. You may complete several and select your best one to enter.
  • You must sign and date your entry (cursive is NOT required).
  • You may use any style you choose (e.g., water color, pen & ink, pencil, oils, acrylic, etc) that can be rendered on a the specified paper dimensions.
  • We encourage you to use New York native species, but will accept any WILD species (no domestic birds).
  • There will be four age categories: Cloverbud Youth ages 5-7, Youth 8-12, Youth 13-19, and Adults over the age of 19 as of April 20, 2020.
  • The judging will be done by a group of volunteers (youth and adults) selected by Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • A participant may also be a judge, but will not be allowed to judge their age category to prevent any perceived favoritism.
  • Contact

    Anna Harrod-McGrew
    4-H Natural Environment Educator
    (518) 828-3346 ext 202

    Last updated April 20, 2020