​Invasive species are here!


Invasive Species Overview

  • Thursday, July 12, 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Invasive species are here! They are the plants, insects, animals and/or pathogens that are not native to our region. These invasive species often leave their natural enemies behind, allowing them to proliferate unchecked, causing extensive damage to our local ecosystems. Some species such as Giant hogweed can also be a threat to human health.

In the upper Hudson Valley and Catskill region, we are faced with a number of invasive species that will require understanding options available to manage and control them, as well as resources to assist these efforts. This program will provide the basics about common invasive species in our region. We will also focus on the recent expansion of Emerald ash borer and Hemlock woolly adelgid, and provide information about the 2018 Early Detection invasive species coming into the region.

Registration deadline: July 11

Register online: https://reg.cce.cornell.edu/InvasiveOverview2018_210 or by calling 518-622-9820 x100

Presenters: Tom Schmeelk and Marilyn Wyman, Extension Educators



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