Nature’s Gifts Artist's Reception with Susan M. Story on July 21

Nature’s Gifts Artist's Reception with Susan M. Story on July 21


Nature’s Gifts Artist's Reception with Susan M. Story

  • Saturday, July 21, 2018, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The exhibit is ongoing from July through September. 

Most of us are busy all day, focused on the life in front of us with jobs, family, bills, maybe even illness. It seems there are never enough hours in a day to stop, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy what is around us.

Susan writes…Last year my husband and I took a trip to New Mexico. Although I was never a big fan of Georgia O’Keefe, I wanted to see her work and where she lived. I immediately fell in love with Ghost Ranch, where she spent most of her time painting. I was in awe looking at this vast landscape of towering cliffs in pinks and gold. Looking down, I noticed that even though it was spring, the ground was dry and cracked, “not much green here I thought.” Gazing across the landscape, I noticed a small flower poking up from the dry soil. “How precious,” I thought, “now I get it!” It was then I understood why Georgia O’Keefe depicted Nature’s Gifts in a grand way. She took the time to observe, appreciate and understand.

I am drawn to the landscape. The image I convey to the viewer is a very personal one. In my paintings, I strive to express the emotions I experience when observing and being present with my subject in nature. I’m intrigued by complex angled lines, textures, and shapes - the chaos, as well as the order of nature. It is my hope that I will help you to enrich your life with Natures Gifts. Please take the time in your day to “smell the roses”!

Susan M. Story is a designated Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America and serves on the Board of Governors. She is a juried member of the Academic Artist’s Association, Audubon Artists, Catherine Lorillard Wolf Club and the Hudson Valley Art Association. Her work has been exhibited in the National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club in NYC, as well as the Butler Institute in Ohio and Pastel Association of Taiwan International Show held in Taipei.

If you plan to view the exhibit, please contact the Acra office 518-622-9820 x100 to ensure access to the conference room as it also serves as a meeting room for other events and programs.




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