Elizabeth MacFarland Artist's Reception January 12

Elizabeth MacFarland Artist's Reception January 12


Elizabeth MacFarland: Seeing the Forest through the Trees Art Exhibit and Reception

  • Saturday, January 12, 2019, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

From the artist:

Four years ago I moved to the Northern Catskills and fulfilled a lifelong dream of living in a quiet place. Surrounded by field and forest, I have found much inspiration for many of my recent paintings. Whether it be a particular stretch of rock wall, a beloved tree, a remarkable sky, or a certain quality of light, I find that the act of painting these things deepens my reverence for them.

In particular I am deeply concerned about the threat that a changing climate may pose to the earth as we know her. It is so easy to forget in our modern machine-driven life that we are intrinsically connected to the natural world. We separate ourselves at our own peril, and need to find ways of living that are in greater harmony with the natural world.

Many of my oil paintings are of trees. I have always admired them for their beauty, but I am more aware of them now as living, breathing beings upon whom we depend. Looking toward the future, we can give back to the earth by practicing good forest stewardship, which hopefully will allow for healthy forests to endure into the future.

My hope is that we will find ways of living on this beautiful planet that will not jeopardize the other life forms we share it with. I hope my paintings will invite you to meditate on the beauty and fragility of life.

Elizabeth MacFarland

A portion of every sale will benefit the programs of the Agroforestry Resource Center and other environmental causes.

If you are planning to stop by to view the exhibit, please call ahead to ensure that there is accessibility to the conference room (518) 622-9820.

Exhibit Runs: January- March 2019




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