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Easy access to the multitude of forms associated with 4H membership and activities

4-H Activities and Forms

4-H Club Programs and Activities:

4-H Members and Leaders Forms

4-H Achievement Night Award Forms:

Letter to Club Leaders with 4-H Achievement Night needs and deadlines. Letter is mailed in late August. All award nominations and applications are due by October 1 (except for Clover Crazy National 4-H Week Club Award Report Form, which is due October 25.

Community Service Club Award Report Form

Outstanding 4-H Club Officer 4-H/Jr. Leader Nomination Form

Clover Crazy National 4-H Week Club Award Report Form - due October 25

4-H Member Application for Outstanding Project Work Award 2019-2020

4-H Member Green Activity Book

Project Record - Horse

Project Record - Animal Science - dairy cattle, beef, sheep, swine, meat rabbit, poultry, goat

Project Record - Show/Pet Rabbit and Cavy

Project Record - all projects except those above

CCE Volunteer Application Packet:

4-H Club Organizational Leader Position Description

CCE Volunteer Code of Conduct

4-H Volunteer Application Cover Letter

CCE Volunteer Application Form

CCE Volunteer Background Check Consent Form

CCE Motor Vehicle Request Permission Form


Linda Tripp
Issue Leader, 4-H Youth Development
(518) 828-3346 ext. 210

Last updated March 9, 2020