4-H Public Presentations

4-H Public Presentations


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4-H & Youth Development

All of the youth activities offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties fall under the 4-H umbrella, whether they happen after school, in the summer or as a workshop, club, camp or special event. Our programs are offered in a wide variety of formats and places because they are designed to fit the interests and needs of the diverse young people who live in the rural and more urban communities of Columbia and Greene Counties. Over 5,300 young people aged 5-to-19 take part in 4-H activities in the two counties each year.  Download the General 4-H Brochure for more information.  


Public presentations will be a bit different this year. We are planning to hold in person events, so all interested 4-Hers can practice their public speaking skills before a live audience. However, these gatherings will need to be kept small so as to stay within the mandatory guidelines.

During the weeks of March 15th and March 22nd (Monday-Saturday) 4-H clubs can sign up for presentation times in the Hudson Meeting Hall or Acra Conference Room. Depending on the size and availability of the club presentations can take place anytime between 3:00 pm and 8:30 pm.  If a club plans to have more than 15 people attend the presentations they will need to sign up for two nights, or stagger their presentations throughout an evening.

While the presentations will be for a small audience we will still have an evaluator present to give each participant valuable feedback.

Please contact Anna at 518-318-1180 or ash252@cornell.edu with any questions and to schedule your club’s presentations.

Virtual Option

Virtual Public Presentations can also be set up for clubs. They will be scheduled within the same two week period. Clubs will be invited to join a meeting and present one by one. There will an evaluator present.

Public Presentations Information

The ability to clearly communicate an idea to others is a powerful tool.It is a necessary skill that will help you reach many goals in life.Mastering this skill during your 4-H career will give you the advantages needed to succeed in:

Þ College

Þ Business

Þ Positive Community Change

4-H Public Presentations is an investment in your future and every member, including Cloverbuds, should participate every year.This is not a competition, rather an opportunity to become a better you.You cannot fail, but you will learn, grow and develop lifelong speaking abilities that will help you now in school, home, and in club/community leadership opportunities. If your 4H club is interested in receiving assistance in preparing a public presentation our 4-H educator, Anna Harrod-McGrew, would be happy to help.Whether youth need help outlining a presentation, understanding the rules or coping with stage fright, Anna would be happy to set aside the time to visit with your club.

Types of Presentations

Just in case you don’t know, or have forgotten, here are the types of presentations that you can choose from:

Demonstration – This type of presentation requires you to talk while working on something.It can be cooking, sewing, building, etc.

Illustrated Talk – This is slightly more formal, using a poster or technology to help you relay your message.

Speech – For the more experienced speaker.You do not use posters or technology to get your point across.

Dramatization/Recitation – Fun, confidence building experience, it is like acting only with no props.


Linda Tripp
Issue Leader, 4-H Youth Development
(518) 828-3346 ext. 210

Last updated February 23, 2021