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4-H Livestock Sale

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties 4-H Program is proud to announce that the annual 4-H Livestock Sale, usually held during the Columbia County Fair, is still happening, even if the fair is not!

Animals For Sale


2020 Statement

This 29th annual event will take place on Wednesday, September 2 beginning at 5PM. It will be held at Trowbridge Farms in Ghent. This is a closed sale with only registered bidders in attendance. Anyone can bid – just contact Linda Tripp, 4-H Educator, at 518-318-1193 or Lke2@cornell.edu to receive a bidders packet and to register.

All in attendance will be following required COVID-19 safety guidelines which include wearing face masks, social distancing and using hand sanitizer.

This year nine 4-H members will offer the following livestock, which they will show to bidders during the sale: five steers, nine lambs, eight hogs and two chickens (sold as a pair). Photos of the 4-H members with their sale animals will be available on the 4-H Livestock Sale page of the CCE Columbia and Greene website about a week before the sale.

The sales’ founder, Phil Trowbridge and perennial ring steward, Mike Shanahan, will be working the ring with auctioneer Ryan McLenithan. They, along with the volunteer members of the 4-H Livestock Work Group, work hard to ensure the 4-H members have a great sale to participate in.


The Livestock Sale is part of the 4-H Market Livestock Project, designed to teach the youth about raising animals for meat production. They attend educational meetings about proper handling, market specifications and business aspects. Throughout the year the youth use this knowledge to care for their animals – feeding, grooming, exercising and working with them so they are ready for the show and sale.

On the business end, the 4-H livestock owners keep financial records and recruit prospective buyers to join us for the sale. Each 4-H member must complete this project to be able to participate in the auction sale and only blue ribbon animals with a rating of “excellent” qualify for sale.

The proceeds of the sale benefit Columbia County’s 4-H youth livestock producers, the next generation of farmers in Columbia and Greene Counties. These 4-H members use their sale profits to invest into their herds and flocks by purchasing more animals and to save for their college or other future expenses.

You may purchase a live animal for processing, to take home or give to a local food bank OR you can donate the animal back to 4-H. If you choose to have the animal processed, you will decide on how you want it cut with an expert at the auction to assist you. For this option, you will pay the processing fees and the 4-H’er will hand deliver your meat, all vacuum-packed and labeled! If you decide to donate the animal back to 4-H, it will be re-sold later in the auction to support the Columbia and Greene 4-H livestock program.


The 4-H livestock program has continued to be successful because of the caring individuals who are members of the 4-H Livestock Work Group. They meet monthly to help create the educational programs that support the growth of the 4-H members. And they keep on doing this because they see and hear about the benefits of the program from the 4-H members themselves.

Anneke Nijboer is a two-year 4-H member and is selling a sheep and a hog this year. She shares that “I have learned how much hard work and care that goes into raising each animal.” While Daisy Trowbridge, with eight years as a 4-H member, continues in this project area because she enjoys having something fun to do over the summer, is inspired by the work of her grandfather who is in the livestock business and is thankful for the opportunity to become a better marketer of livestock.

“This year’s sale is very special to me”, said Linda Tripp, 4-H Issue Leader for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties. “When it looked like the county fair, the usual venue for the sale, would not happen, the volunteers did not skip a beat. They were all in to create an outstanding 4-H Livestock Sale so our 4-H members could complete their project this year. I believe this resulting Livestock Sale shows our young people that you always look for options, use your creativity, and figure out how to get the job done.”

For more information about the 4-H Livestock Project and/or joining a 4-H club, contact Linda Tripp at 518-318-1193 or Lke2@cornell.edu


Linda Tripp
Issue Leader, 4-H Youth Development
(518) 828-3346 ext. 210

Last updated August 21, 2020