4-H Terrarium Workshop

Learn the basics of plants and plant science with 4-H gardening projects.

4-H Plant Science

Explore the basics of plants and plant science - plant growth, soils, plant varieties, pest control measures, equipment and gardening techniques - through 4-H plants, soils, and gardening projects. Learn about crop and soil sciences wherever you can grow plants. Discover the magic of the Earth and harvest a bushel full of knowledge and experience.

Adapted from: http://4h.msue.msu/edu/programs/plants_soils_gardening

Plant to Plate Challenge 2021

Join the new Plant to Plate Challenge!  If you have been meaning to start your garden, this challenge offers the perfect opportunity. Choose a recipe and grow at least two ingredients in containers or small garden space (no more than 9 sq ft). Document the process and enjoy your homegrown nutritious meal! Complete the registration form and submit it to Anna Harrod-McGrew by June 1st to receive a Stewarts Ice Cream gift card and several packets of seeds to get your garden started. Feel free to get creative with this challenge!  You can start your plants from seed, purchase seedlings, or care for plants in an existing garden. Deadline to register is June 1st. 


Anna Harrod-McGrew
4-H Natural Environment Educator
(518) 828-3346 ext 202

Last updated April 16, 2021