Agroforestry Resource Center
6055 Route 23, Acra, NY 12405

Our Agroforestry Center in Acra, New York

Agroforestry Resource Center

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Agroforestry Resource Center is a regional center for education, demonstration and research with a focus on the benefits of woodlands to people, waterways and wildlife. Educational and experiential programs at the Agroforestry Resource Center are aimed at encouraging people to preserve and enhance the ecological, economic and human health benefits of forested land.

Forestry Friday 8/28/20

We love talking about forest regeneration and deer. You might remember our recent post about the deer exclosures in Siuslaw Model Forest. If you want to see a large scale regeneration project, check out this amazing video from our friends at Cornell’s Arnot Forest. Be warned, you may be tempted to build a slash wall on your property. Visit the Forest Connect Youtube page for more great videos!

Last updated October 16, 2020