image of forested areas of New York State

New York State is 60% forested, with 74% of its woodlands privately owned & managed.

birch trees in Siuslaw forest
Image by Teresa Golden

Visiting a forest has real, quantifiable health benefits

Siuslaw sign

The Siuslaw Model Forest provides demonstrations, signage and walking trails.

Woodland Stewardship

Healthy, abundant woodlands are crucial to the production of wood products, the provision of wildlife habitat and the protection of water purity. New York State is 60% forested, with 74% of its woodlands owned and managed by private landowners.  Woodland stewardship objectives involve management practices that ensure ecologically sound forest productivity.

The Agroforestry Resource Center offers educational programs that provide hands-on experiences in forest stewardship for landowners, youth and forest professionals. We offer a wide variety of programs seasonally, including maple syrup production, tree pruning and mushroom cultivation. Our Siuslaw Model Forest provides demonstrations, signage and walking trails.

“In These Woods” Letter Series

“In These Woods” is a monthly letter series for all those who interact with the woods. Whether you manage forests or appreciate from a distance, you can learn all about agroforestry, forest ecology, wildlife, recreation, timber management, and more. Sign up to enjoy, study and sustainably manage the woods around you. 

Master Forest Owner program

The Master Forest Owner (MFO) program is an initiative of Cornell Cooperative Extension that has helped over 1,000 landowners since its inception in 1991. MFO volunteers visit the properties of interested landowners and accompany them on a woods walk. The MFO provides advice to the landowner on stewardship options, techniques and resources.  Interested in becoming an MFO volunteer? Get more information HERE.  Are you a landowner interested a visit from an MFO volunteer?  For more information: view our MFO brochure , visit the NYS MFO website, or contact MFO regional coordinator Ron Frisbee.

Trained Logger Certification

The Trained Logger Certification (TLC) program has been developed to recognize loggers who complete a series of training classes involving three “core” areas of knowledge and skills. The “core” areas are Chainsaw Operation, Safety, & Productivity; Forest Ecology & Silviculture; and Adult First Aid & CPR. An individual completing these three workshops is eligible to receive TLC certification.

Loggers are required to hold TLC certification when harvesting timber on New York State lands. Staff members at the Agroforestry Resource Center work with the Watershed Agricultural Council to provide TLC trainings for loggers in the Catskills/Lower Hudson Region.

For more information: view a brochure on the benefits of hiring a TLC logger; visit the Watershed Ag Council’s Logger & Forester Training page; explore the New York Logger Training website; or contact TLC coordinator Tracey Testo.

Last updated July 13, 2021