4-H Teen Ambassadors

What are 4-H Teen Ambassadors?

Teen Ambassadors is an opportunity for teens to have agency in planning community service, leadership, and stewardship activities which are guided by their collective interests and the values of 4-H as a whole. 

Why Should I Join?

The 4-H Teen Ambassador program allows teens to:

  • Become active partners in the marketing and promotion of their organization.
  • Represent the 'voice' of 4-H.
  • Share their 4-H experiences.
  • Provide visibility as to the value of the 4-H youth development program.
  • Be a role model for 4-H.
  • Recruit other youth and adults to join 4-H as members or leaders.

Some key highlights are that the Teen Ambassadors can take on leadership roles, volunteer within their communities, organize and participate in fun activities at club meetings, and shape the future of 4-H through their own interests and values.

Who can Join

Teen Ambassadors is a supplemental program for active 4-Hers ages 12+ who are already actively enrolled in a club. This offers an opportunity for teens (12+) within our community to get involved with a 4-H club that is primarily based on community based volunteer work, even if they have never participated in 4-H before. 

How to Join

Club meetings would begin this January, 2023 – with meetings alternating between Columbia and Greene Counties. Contact info for the info sheet can be directed towards me at ajc446@cornell.edu or my office phone at (518)622-9820 x202.

Last updated November 28, 2022