What's eating your plants? We can help you find out, and suggest ways to control it!


Gardening Questions and Soil Testing!

The Master Gardener Volunteers are available to answer calls at 518-828-3346 x212. Please leave a detailed message. You can also reach us anytime by emailing columbiagreenemgv@cornell.edu. Photographs are helpful.

We also test soil pH. Please note this is a very busy time for soil testing and we have a limited number of volunteers to help. Turnaround could take up to a week. Soil sample test cost $3.00 per sample. Soil pH Kits cost $30.00 per kit. Call 518-828-3346 x106 for more information. 

If you are looking for information on jumping worms, go to this website page.  

Ticks submitted to CCE.

You may drop off a tick for identification.  We do not test for diseases.  If you'd like to have a tick tested, please go to TickReport and follow the directions to submit a tick. 

Tick Identification

Last updated August 23, 2023