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CCE of Columbia and Greene Counties Launches Five Year Strategic Plan


In August 2020 Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties (CCECG) launched the development of a Strategic Plan that will guide organizational and program development for the next five years. With close oversight of the process by a four-member strategic plan committee of the CCECG Board of Directors, all critical stakeholder groups of the association - CCECG leadership and staff, Board members, funders, partners and collaborators, and program customers - were engaged in the development of the plan. This comprehensive data-gathering process has proved invaluable in helping shape program direction and content so that it will best meet the present and future needs of the two counties over the next five years and beyond. The goals and objectives laid out in this document, and the gained commitment of stakeholders participating in this process, will go a long way in assisting CCECG to achieve and most likely surpass its desired goal priorities by 2025.Implemented well, this strategic plan articulates desired outcomes that will continue to trigger new and/or improved policies and practices, ensuring sustainability and resilience well into the future.

Strategic Plan

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia & Greene Counties 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

CCE of Columbia & Greene Counties 2021-2025 CCECG Strategic Plan Goals Chart


Angela Tallarico
Association Operations Coordinator
(518) 622-9820 ext. 101

Last updated March 18, 2021