stream/creek waters

Resilient watersheds are better able to respond/recover from extreme weather.

stream waters

Columbia & Greene County residents live near streams and rivers.

stream / creek waters

Extreme precipitation events increase the likelihood of flooding.

Watershed Resiliency

Resiliency is the ability to plan for, withstand and recover from severe events -- without suffering permanent loss of functions, devastating damage, diminished productivity or decreased quality of life. Resilient watersheds are better able to respond and recover from extreme weather. Did you know that losing 10% of forest cover to impervious surface can double runoff and increase flood frequency as much as 23%?

In Columbia and Greene Counties, we live in close proximity to streams and rivers. Much of our infrastructure is vulnerable to flood damage. Extreme precipitation events are increasing the likelihood of flooding. Conducting a vulnerability assessment will help to understand your risks so that you can begin the remediation process of priority issues.

Resilient watershed management involves:

  • maintaining and enhancing natural land cover (wetlands and forests)
  • minimizing flood plain development
  • minimizing impacts on stream buffers and beds
  • limiting impervious surfaces
  • utilizing green infrastructure techniques for stream water management
  • developing,maintaining and following flood response plans

Last updated October 20, 2020