Dairy Cattle

Abundant natural rainfall and a great tradition of dairy farming makes the Northeast an important dairy-producing area of the country.

4-H Dairy Clinic

In most years the clinic is an in-person event held at a local dairy farm. It is planned by the volunteer 4-H Dairy Work Group with a goal of helping the 4-H dairy project members gain skills that will help them feel comfortable and have success while showing their animal at the local fair and other competitions. The 4-H members participate in hands-on sessions that could include clipping techniques, evaluating their animal, practice in the show ring (especially for showmanship), and more.

In 2020, instead of an in-person event these videos were created by 4-H members, volunteers and alumni. 

How to Pick a Dairy Heifer for Show

Watch "How to Select a Dairy Heifer for Show" created by Farm Friends 4-H Club alumni, Lydia Chittenden and Caroline Lafferty. Time to get out and start working with your showmanship animals!!

How to Make a Rope Halter 

Watch "How to Make a Rope Halter" with Dr. George Beneke, past leader of the Country Cousins 4-H Club and currently their dairy project leader. These halters are perfect to use when you are practicing and working with your heifer yet inexpensive to make.

Looking for another great rope halter resource? Check out this guide put together by Oregon State Extension Service.How to Make a Rope Halter.

How to Clip a Dairy Heifer

Join Caroline Lafferty and Lydia Chittenden, Farm Friends 4-H Club alumni, as they describe “How to Clip a Dairy Heifer”. This is a wonderful year for 4-H members of all ages to get in there and practice clipping. Make mistakes and practice mitigating them. Let the hair grow back and try again!

How to Clip a Heifer Topline

Members of the Buccaneers 4-H Club and Udderly Impossibles 4-H Club show you “How to Clip a Heifer Topline”. Remember to check out your heifer and use your clipping to show off its best features and mitigate those not so great topline features.

Dairy Showmanship Attire

It is important to dress the part when in a 4-H Dairy Cattle Showmanship class. Here Kasey Purdy, member of the Greene Earth 4-H Club, shows you all about “Dairy Showmanship Attire”.

Dairy Showmanship 101

In “Showmanship 101” members of the Udderly Impossibles 4-H Club and Buccaneers 4-H Club share their best hints on doing well in the dairy cattle show ring.


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Last updated August 4, 2020