Healthy Food
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MyPlate Between the Pages

Lesson Three: Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch by James Dean

Nutrition Goals:

  • Students will prepare a healthy sandwich on a whole-wheat tortilla
  • Students will taste a healthy sandwich
  • Students will be active for 10 minutes during the game
  • Students will brainstorm together ways they can make healthy sandwiches at home using healthy ingredients
  • Students will set a goal to add fruits and/or vegetables to sandwiches they eat

Literacy Goals:

  • Students will demonstrate phonemic awareness by the wide range of sound manipulation competencies, including sound blending and deletion
  • Students will engage in activities and discussion that will increase phonemic awareness, vocabulary and reading comprehension


Read the books to the students:

  1. Help the students read the title of the book, identify the author and illustrator, and look at the front and back covers of the book.Ask students to predict what the book will be about.
  2. Tell the students: Today we’ll be reading a book about making a sandwich.As we read, we will identify the go foods (foods you can eat all the time), slow foods (foods that you should sometimes eat, and whoa foods (foods you should eat on special occasions). We’ll be making our own version of a healthy sandwich called an Apple Roll-up. Remember that adding fruits and vegetables to sandwiches, and eating sandwiches made with whole-grain bread or whole-grain tortillas is a good way to make sandwiches healthier.
  3. Read the book aloud to the students.As you go through the book, ask the children: Is the food Pete added a go, slow, or whoa food?
  4. Please use the linked video of the book being read.

Prepare Apple Roll-ups recipe with students using the attached recipe.

Watch a video of the recipe being prepared.

Conduct the Sandwich Recipe activity with students:

1.Tell the students they are going to make their own sandwich recipe with any ingredients they want (can be real or made up)

2.Older children should write out a recipe while younger children can draw pictures of the ingredients they would include

3.One at a time, have each student present their recipe to the group

Watch a video of this activity.

Have students play Stretching Mirrors:

1.Have two people stand facing each other.

2.The first person does a stretch and/or activity.At the same time the other person does the same movement but using the opposite side, like they are the mirror reflection of the other person.

3.Have them take turns picking the movements.

Watch a video of Stretching Mirrors.

Apple Roll-Ups

Ingredients: apples, nut butter (yogurt if allergy), whole-wheat tortillas

Tools: wax paper, paper plates, plastic knives, napkins, and serving utensils


1. Instruct students to wash hands with warm water and soap.Give each a sheet of wax paper to create a clean workspace on their desk or table.

2. Set out the ingredients.Include a serving utensil in each container.Tell students to use the serving utensils for each item rather than their hands.

3. Give each student a plate, a plastic knife and a whole-wheat tortilla.

4. Invite students to create their own Apple Roll-up by spreading a layer of nut butter on the tortilla, adding the apple, and rolling up the tortilla so the toppings don’t spill out.

5. After they are finished, invite them to eat and enjoy their creations.

Last updated May 11, 2020