Mulched Trees

Learn more about diseases that can affect trees and shrubs

Image by Britney Accettella, CCE Suffolk

Trees and shrubs can be affected by numerous diseases

Pruning Shrubs

Trees and shrubs can be attacked by multiple diseases

Diseases of Trees & Shrubs

Apple Maggot & Apple Scab
Arborvitae Problems
Black Knot
Cedar Apple Rust
Cultural Problems of Plants
Diagnosing Rhododendron Problems
Disease Resistant Ornamental Trees
Fire Blight
Flowering Dogwood Problems
Juniper Twig Blight 
Leucostoma Canker of Spruce
Maple Decline
Sooty Mold

Tar Spot of Maple
Tip Blight of Pines 
Verticillium Wilt

Last updated May 10, 2021