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The Veggie Patch audio series is now available!

Veggie Patch Audio Series

The podcast, Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley, includes periodic segments devoted to vegetable gardening.  For your convenience, below please find just these audio segments to listen to individually or to 'binge' listen. 

How to Site your Garden:  MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_01.mp3

Selecting What to Grow: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_02.mp3

Garden Soils:  MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_03.mp3

Seed Starting: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_04.mp3

Growing Broccoli and Other Brassicas: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_05.mp3

Growing Beans, Peas and Other Legumes: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_06.mp3

Growing Tomatoes: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_07.mp3

Growing Cucumbers and other Cucurbits: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_08.mp3

Growing Root Crops: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_09.mp3

Winteriizing the Garden:  MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_10.mp3

Extending the Gardening Season: MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_11.mp3

Garden Maintenance and Tools:  MGV_Podcast_-_Veggie_Patch_12.mp3

Last updated April 5, 2023