4-H candle cermeony

PHOTO: The Bananas 4-H Club of Cairo concluded the night with the traditional 4-H Candle C

4-H Awards Presented at Achievement Night 2019

4-H Achievement Night provides an opportunity to recognize 4-H club members and volunteer leaders for their accomplishments over the past year. It took place on Friday, November 1 in the auditorium of the Arts Center at C-GCC. 4-H Teen Ambassadors who were instrumental in presenting the evening’s program are: Jack Hilliard, Vidar Pirrone, Noah Kilmer, Aizlyn O’Connell and Mikaela Hallenbeck.

The program opened with the Parade of Clubs and then the Pledge of Allegiance led by Aizlyn O’Connell. Ms. Lisa Lafferty, chairperson of the 4-H Youth Development Program Advisory Committee, offered the welcome. In recognizing the hard work of the 4-H members she also commended the volunteer 4-H club leaders because …”you spend endless hours teaching, learning what and how to teach, cooking, traveling and so much more. You are your club members are the face of Extension”.

Cloverbud Members Moving Up to 4-H:

From the Curious Country Kids 4-H Club – Seamus Gavin

From the Flora and Fauna 4-H Club – Natalie Smith

From the Greene Earth 4-H Club– Rowan Braine

From the Little Critters 4-H Club – Angelina Hamilton

From the Medway Mountaineers 4-H Club – Ashton Conklin, Lyda Jo Herdman, Addison Ross

From the Sunnyside Up 4-H Club – Amelia Charron

From the Udderly Impossibles 4-H Club – Matthew Cordato

4-H Club Charter Presented to New 4-H Clubs:

Butterfly Kids 4-H Club – leader Donna Rich

Critter Crew 4-H Club – leaders Joe and Clara Cordato

Curious Country Kids 4-H Club – leader Maria Gerber

Sky Farm Equestrians 4-H Club – leaders Lily Becker and Danelle Summers

Woodland Woodchucks 4-H Club – leaders Lou Sotherden and Jennifer Domkoski

Clover Crazy 4-H Club Recognition given to those who promoted 4-H during and around National 4-H Week, the first full week of October:

Flora and Fauna 4-H Club for their booth at the Resurrection Lutheran Church Family Fun Day

Columbia Crafters 4-H Club for their booth at the Fireman’s Home Dalmatian Day

Columbia Country Feeders for helping with the Cabot Cheese Farm Day at Dutch Hollow Farm

Farm Friends 4-H Club for also helping with the Cabot Cheese Farm Day at Dutch Hollow Farm

Greene Earth 4-H Club for their booth at the Greenville Tractor Supply Company store

Bananas 4-H Club for their booth at the Greenville Tractor Supply Company store

4-H Club Community Service Award was presented to: (Sponsored by Community Bank)

  • first place – Bananas 4-H Club
  • second place – Teen Ambassadors 4-H Club
  • third place – Mountain Rangers 4-H Club
  • honorable mention - Udderly Impossibles 4-H Club, Wilderness Workers 4-H Club, Country Cousins 4-H Club, Sunnyside Up 4-H Club, Flora and Fauna 4-H Club, Medway Mountaineers 4-H Club, Greene Earth 4-H Club, Columbia Crafters 4-H Club, and Butterfly Kids 4-H Club.

4-H Member Leadership Award was presented to: (Sponsored by the Hudson Elks Lodge #787, Catskill Elks Lodge #1341 and Kinderhook Elks Lodge #2530)

Mr. Michael Archambault, Catskill Elks Lodge, presented the awards:

  • Teen Ambassadors - Hunter Gardner, Vidar Pirrone, Aizlyn O’Connell, Noah Kilmer, Jack Hilliard, James O’Connell, Mikaela Hallenbeck

  • Teen Evaluators –Edmund Kress, Eleanor Kress, Vidar Pirrone, Nora Leifer, Meghan Hay, Hunter Gardner, Jack Hilliard, Iris Hoy, Jordan Kammeyer, Eden Kammeyer

Mr. Daniel Shaughnessy, Hudson Elks Lodge, presented the awards:

  • Outstanding Junior Leader

From the Sunnyside Up 4-H Club - Jayden Williams

From the Udderly Impossibles 4-H Club - Calvin Keller

From the Farm Friends 4-H Club – Brendan Ooms

From the Flora and Fauna 4-H Club – Mikaela Hallenbeck

  • Outstanding 4-H Club Officer
  • From the Bananas 4-H Club – Norah Schweter, President; Luna Clements, Secretary; Aurora Clements, Treasurer; Jessica Scarlata, Recreation Officer; Vaughn Schweter, Health Officer

Outstanding 4-H Project Work Award was presented to: (sponsored by Farm Credit East)

Beef cattle – Patrick Stark, Daisy Trowbridge, Brendan Ooms, Jayden Williams

Clothing and Textiles – Joseph Cordato, Andrew Scarlata, Randy Albertson, Rosalina Gazzola, Emma Genito, Anthony Cordato, Kira Friedman, Leita Albertson, Courtney Loucks, Marian Pirrone, Wyatt Scarpinato

Dairy cattle – Joseph Cordato, Kailey Proper, Randy Albertson, Hunter Gardner, Arend Ooms, Anthony Cordato, Jonathan Chittenden, Calvin Keller, Zoey Bruzie, Grace Ooms, Kasey Purdy, Leita Albertson, Brendan Ooms, Zachary Chittenden, Brayden Skoda

Entomology – Norah Schweter

Environmental awareness – Wyatt Scarpinato, Hunter Gardner

Expressive arts – Wyatt Scarpinato, Marian Pirrone, Grace Ooms, Vaughn Schwter, Jessica Scarlata

Foods and nutrition – Anthony Cordato, Courtney Loucks, Ian Ross, Leita Albertson, Marian Pirrone, Wyatt Scarpinato

Goat – Michaela Wright, Abigail Wright, Avery Conrad, Kendall Frisbee, Henry Ross, Sage Schrader, Marian Pirrone

Health and fitness – Vaughn Schweter

Horse – Rachael Gerber, Shaya Gerber, Sarah Gerber

Needlework – Jessica Scarlata

Ornamental horticulture – Hunter Gardner

Pet care – Wyatt Scarpinato

Poultry – Marian Pirrone, Avery Conrad, Norah Schweter

Rabbit – Elizabeth Vincek, Andrew Scarlata, Valerie Kopec, Leah Whalen, Kendall Frisbee, Anna Purdy, Gregory Jornov, Marian Pirrone

Science and technology – Randy Albertson, Norah Schweter, Marian Pirrone

Sheep – Brendan Ooms, Patrick Stark, Daisy Trowbridge, Anneke Nijboer, Jayden Williams

Swine – Brendan Ooms, Patrick Stark, Daisy Trowbridge, Robert Pautz, Shelby Schrader

Vegetable gardening – Robert Pautz

Woodworking – Joseph Cordato, Calvin Keller

Outstanding Senior 4-H Members in Columbia and Greene Counties for 2018 are: (sponsored by the Columbia County Agricultural Society and the Fortnightly Club of Catskill) – Aizlyn O’Connell, Jessica Scarlata, Hunter Gardner, Caroline Lafferty

Dot Ball Memorial 4-H Leader Award: (sponsored by Cindy Smith) – Jessie Shields, leader of the Bananas 4-H Club

Tenured 4-H Club Leaders:

Five Year Silver Award:

Alan Chittenden

Billy Greer

Jeannie Slater

John Brady

Kathy Jackson

Kira Greer

Leslie Reed

Siobhan Connally

Ten Year Gold Award:

Andrew Tillman

Cindy Carlson

Helen Brady

Karen Gilligan

Fifteen Year Pearl Award:

Lisa Lafferty

Mary Hallenbeck

Becky Johnk

Twenty Year Diamond Award:

Sandy Muller

4-H Clubs Recognized for Having an Active Year are:

Baker’s Dozen – leaders Billy and Kira Greer

Bananas – leaders Jessie Shields and Haley Zurawel

Barn Buddies – leaders Tammy Murphy and Stephanie Rothvoss

Black Sheep – leaders Helen and John Brady

Buccaneers – leaders Samantha Webber and Lori Tillman

Butterfly Kids – leader Donna Rich

Carrot Crunchers – leaders Marsha Schrader, Holly Vincek and Joe Watson

Columbia Country Feeders – leaders Miranda Trowbridge and Phil Trowbridge

Columbia Crafters – leaders Nadine Gazzola and Valerie Delaney

Country Cousins – leaders Amy Hilliard and Marci Proper

Country Kids – leader Mary Hallenbeck

Curious Country Kids – leader Maria Gerber

DR Evarts Engineers and Scientists – leader Kathy Jackson

Durham Evergreenes – leaders Janet Partridge and Bobbi Cunningham

Farm Friends – leaders Jill Chittenden and Kristine Ooms

Flora and Fauna – leaders Cathi Annese and Sandy Muller

Greene Earth – leaders Alisha Schmidt and Maria Gerber

Greene Hearts and Hands – leaders Rachel McCracken and Kelly Wade

Little Critters – leaders Ilene Stark and Hanna Stark

Medway Mountaineers – leader Patricia Ross

Merry Sprites and Knights from the Land of Milk and Honey – leader Frances Culley

Mountain Rangers – leader Jolene Pirrone

Roving Rangers – leader Liza Johnson

Sky Farm Equestrians – leaders Lily Becker and Danelle Summers

Sunnyside Up – leaders Meghan and David Charron

Teen Ambassadors – leaders Cathi Annese and Jessie Shields

Udderly Impossibles – leader Roberta Keller

Wilderness Workers – leader Emily Kress

Woodland Woodchucks – leaders Lou Sotherden and Jennifer Domkoski

The traditional Candle Ceremony was presented by the Bananas 4-H Club.

Thank you to the following donors who’s support enhanced the ceremony: Farm Credit East, Community Bank, Hudson Elks Lodge #787, Catskill Elks Lodge #1341, Kinderhook Elks Club #2530, Columbia County Agricultural Society, The Fortnightly Club of Catskill, Cindy Smith.

Last updated December 20, 2019