Morra 2021

Recipients of the 2021 Paul and Maria Morra Scholarship Trust Award.

Paul and Maria Morra Scholarship Trust

Paul and Maria Morra Scholarship Trust Application Available--

The application is now available for the Paul and Maria Morra Scholarship Trust which is administered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties. The purpose of this scholarship trust is to honor the lives of Paul and Maria Morra (trust benefactors) and their commitment to preserving the natural resources of our region. Applicants must be pursuing further education in the field of horticulture, agriculture, forestry, or natural resources.

The complete application packet must be received by May 31, 2024. Scholarship selection is not based solely on academic standing but greater emphasis is placed on the interest and motivation of the student to excel in their chosen field of study. Applicants should ensure their application packet responds very directly to the goals of the benefactors.

The number of scholarships awarded is based on available funds with the average scholarship amount being $1,000 to $3,000. We expect to be able to provide as many as five scholarships this year. The scholarship check will be sent directly to the academic institution upon receipt of a copy of the students’ tuition bill and the college/institution mailing address.

Eligible individuals are those pursuing immediate post-high school education as well as older individuals looking to increase their knowledge. To be eligible an individual must be:

  • A current resident of Columbia County or Greene County
  • Enrolled in an accredited academic institution including public colleges, private colleges, universities,community colleges and trade schools
  • Pursuing further academic work beyond high school in the field of horticulture, agriculture, forestry or natural resources

Excluded from applying are: past Morra Scholarship recipients

2024 Application Forms

Last updated April 1, 2024