2019 4-H Livestock Sale kids

4-H members are ready for the 28th annual livestock sale!

4-H Marks 28th Annual 4-H Livestock Sale on Labor Day

Columbia and Greene Counties 4-H is proud to announce that the annual 4-H Livestock Sale, held during the Columbia County Fair, is entering its 28th year. Anyone can be a bidder, joining us at 1:30 PM on Monday, September 2 at the Show Ring on the Columbia County Fairgrounds in Chatham. Plan to arrive early to register for your bidder number and take your seat in the stands. Swine, goats, lambs, beef, and chickens will be available for sale.

The sales’ founder, Phil Trowbridge and perennial ring steward, Mike Shanahan, will be working the ring with a new auctioneer this year, Ed Morgan. They, along with the volunteer members of the 4-H Livestock Advisory Committee, work hard to ensure the 4-H members have a great sale to participate in.

The Livestock Sale is part of the 4-H Market Livestock Project, designed to teach the youth about raising animals for meat production. They attend educational meetings about proper handling, market specifications and business aspects. Throughout the year the youth use this knowledge to care for their animals – feeding, grooming, exercising and working with them so they are ready for the county fair 4-H show. On the business end, the 4-H livestock owners keep financial records and encourage prospective bidders to join us for the sale. Each 4-H member must complete this project to be able to participate in the auction sale and only blue ribbon animals with a rating of “excellent” qualify for sale.

The proceeds of the sale benefit Columbia County’s 4-H youth livestock producers, the next generation of farmers in Columbia County. You may purchase a live animal for processing, to take home or donate the animal back. If you choose to have the animal processed, you will decide on how you want it cut with an expert at the auction to assist you. For this option, you will pay the processing fees and the 4-H’er will hand-deliver your meat, all vacuum-packed and labeled! If you decide to donate the animal back, it will be re-sold later in the auction to support the Columbia and Greene 4-H livestock program.

The 4-H livestock program has continued to be successful because of the hard work and heart that our 4-H Livestock Advisory Committee members continually pour into it. And it’s so easy to have heart when you hear testimonials from our 4-H members like these.

Kevin Chittenden, a member of the Farm Friends 4-H Club, shared that “during 4-H I have learned how to manage my time better. I participate in the livestock sale to help pay for college. Another reason I participate in the livestock sale is to figure out how much feed an animal needs and the cost of raising an animal so I know if I have made a profit when I sell the animal.”

Jordin Radley is a member of the Columbia Country Feeders 4-H Club and shares that “I have done the livestock sale for four years. One reason why I do the sale is to save money for college but the money isn’t all of it, it’s also a great way to stay busy during the summer. I spend a lot of time feeding and caring for my animals as well as practicing for the show. Furthermore, I like showing my animals at the fair because I am able to meet a lot of people and get more experience showing before I go to the bigger shows.”

“This year’s sale is special to me”, said Linda Tripp, 4-H Issue Leader for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties. “It is the first time since Phil Trowbridge came to me 28 years ago with this idea of a 4-H Livestock Sale, that I will have had greater involvement in making it happen. With the loss of our 4-H Agriculture and STEM Educator in late spring, we are just now hiring a replacement. Thus, I have had a great summer working with all the volunteers and Emily Stark, our 4-H summer assistant, to ensure our county fair 4-H animal shows go on as always. I can’t wait to see it all come together at the end of August!”

Please come on down and witness the tradition of 28 years of the 4-H Livestock Sale at the Columbia County Fair on Monday, September 2 at 1:30 PM in the Show Ring.

For more information about the 4-H Livestock Project and/or joining a 4-H club, contact Linda Tripp at 518-318-1193 or Lke2@cornell.edu

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PHOTO: L-R – Some of the 4-H members who will be participating in the 4-H Livestock Sale held during the Columbia County Fair on Monday, September 2 at 1:30 PM: Front – Jayden Williams, Jordin Radley, Ellie Blass, Marian Pirrone, Shelby Schrader, Sage Schrader. Back – Kevin Chittenden, Patrick Stark, Vidar Pirrone, Brendan Ooms, Daisy Trowbridge, Anneke Nijboer.

Last updated August 13, 2019