A volunteer reads to a group of 2nd graders in Tompkins County during Ag Literacy Week 2006. Ag-in-the-Classroom
Image by Sandy Repp

A volunteer reads to 2nd graders during Ag Literacy Week 2006.


Established in 1985, New York Agriculture in the Classroom (NYAITC) is a partnership of Cornell University, the NYS Department of Ag & Markets, the NYS Education Department, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and the New York Farm Bureau.  Its mission is to foster awareness, understanding, and appreciation of how we produce food and fiber, what we eat, and how we live, by helping educators, students, and their communities learn about and engage with agriculture and food systems. 

NY Ag Literacy Week: March 15-19, 2021

New York Agriculture in the Classroom is coordinating the seventeenth annual New York Agricultural Literacy Week to be held from March 15-19, 2021. This year we are featuring the book Chuck's Ice Cream Wish (Tales of the Dairy Godmother) by Viola Butler which we will be bringing to elementary classrooms, with a focus on second grade. This book will take students on an explorative journey learn about dairy and to trace the food on their plate back to its source- the farmer, while also showcasing the diversity of the agriculture industry.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia & Greene County’s 4-H Program is coordinating this program locally. We hope that schools will participate in this opportunity for students to learn about where food comes from and the people who are involved in producing essential products in their lives. This literacy activity will help teachers address learning standards in the following areas: ELA (Language for Literacy Response & Expression), Science (Living Environment, Systems Thinking, Technology), Career Development (knowledge about different careers), the Arts (Knowing & Using Arts Materials & Resources), and Social Studies (Geography and Economics).

This year’s program will be held virtually with the virtual reading experiences coordinated by 4-H staff. Classroom teachers will have access to the pre-recorded video reading of the book as well as support materials, farm tour videos, the classroom ice cream making kit and the book. Books have been sponsored by our local Farm Bureau organizations and will be donated to each second grade classroom in Columbia and Greene county.

To participate schools must return the Agricultural Literacy Week Classroom registration form for each classroom participating – every second grade classroom that registers will be provided with both the book and classroom ice cream making kit. Other classrooms may also participate and will receive access to the video reading as well as additional support materials. You may also contact Linda Tripp, 4-H Educator at Lke2@cornell.edu or 518-605-0786.

Agricultural literacy is understanding and being able to communicate the source and value of agriculture and how it affects our daily lives. Over 20% of our nation’s workforce is in some way involved in food processing, marketing, distribution, and sales – and all of us eat. New York Agriculture in the Classroom envisions a day when all students have the opportunity to understand the economic, social, historical, and scientific significance of agriculture to our society; explore food system career opportunities; and recognizes the connection between agricultural production and the daily need for food and fiber products.

Many organizations and agencies are partnering on this statewide educational effort, and if you have questions about the program, curriculum or have a need for any additional information it is available at the New York Agriculture in the Classroom website (agclassroom.org/ny), or contact Katie Carpenter at (607)255-9253, or kse45@cornell.edu


Linda Tripp
Issue Leader, 4-H Youth Development
(518) 828-3346 ext. 210

Last updated February 16, 2021