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Groundhogs often consume many garden plants

Groundhog Resistant Plants

Groundhogs can cause real problems for home vegetable and flower gardeners. They eat almost any plant material and are especially fond of tomatoes. 

Annuals fill the garden with flowers and fragrance from early spring until fall's first frost. Unfortunately, the vivid, pleasantly scented blooms tend to draw the attention of groundhogs and other wildlife. Though each creature tends to be put off by different plants, including snapdragons, wax begonias, annual poppies, garden pinks, and floss flowers in the garden's design will help to deter most animal pests.

Perennials return each year and add a splash of color to the landscape.  To keep unwanted browsers at bay, consider placing butterfly bush, peony, foxglove and coreopsis around the perimeter of the yard or garden.  In theory, should a wandering wood chuck happen upon these unpopular plants, they will turn up their nose and wonder away in search of more appealing fare, rather than venturing closer to the house.

So while groundhogs will consume a wide variety of plants, these are less likely to be their dinner.


Donna Peterson
Program Coordinator, Community Horticulture
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Last updated June 28, 2018