honey bees

Hum of the Hive Audio Series

Honeybees are wonderful pollinators.  In their efforts to make honey, bees have a complicated co-existence and communication system that is not obvious to the common observer.  They have defined roles throughout their lives all for the benefit of the colony.  Learn all about honeybees from Master Gardener and Master Beekeeper Linda Aydlett with this audio series.  It consists of relatively short (5-7 minute) segments from the podcast, Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley.

Episode 1: Intro to Honeybees

Episode 2: Queen Bees

Episode 3: House Bees

Episode 4: Field Bees

Episode 5: All About Swarms

Episode 6: All About Propolis

Episode 7: Bee Survival Challenges

Last updated May 4, 2023