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Educating parents with the skills necessary to be confident caregivers of today’s youth

Parenting with Confidence

What is the Parenting with Confidence Program?

  • A series of 6-10 parenting skills classes that can be provided at your organization for your participants
  • Free of charge
  • Flexible scheduling around your organization’s needs
  • Topics chosen by you to fit your participants’ needs
  • In-home lessons available to participants that are unable to participate in the group sessions

Possible Class Topics

  • *Introduction to Parenting/Child Development Birth to 12 months
  • *Child Development 1-5 years
  • *Shaken Baby Syndrome/Leaving children with Responsible Caregivers
  • *Infant and Toddler Care Skills
  • *Child Development 6-12 years
  • *Child development of teens
  • *Single parenting/co-parenting
  • *Creating a safe home environment
  • *Parent-child interaction/age appropriate activities
  • *Consistency in parenting/setting up schedules, routines, and charts
  • *Discipline (2 classes long)
  • *Parents as Role Models/Communication
  • *Budgeting
  • *Nutrition (1 to 2 classes available)
  • *Talking with your children about sex/sexual health
  • *Identity Theft
  • *Cyber Safety

Benefits for Participants

  • All lessons are taught from research-based curricula
  • Access to friendly and experienced parenting educators
  • Make new connections to parents in their area
  • Gain confidence in their care giving skills
  • Receive a certificate-of-completion at the end of the program

How Do I Sign Up?

Contact one of our experienced educators:

They will schedule the classes with you and send you an enrollment form to pick your class topics.

Last updated May 1, 2023