Logging crews work to thin the forest canopy in order to allow more light, enabling new tree growth and allowing a diversity of species to take root.
Image by Jason Koski (UREL)/Cornell University

Logging crews work to thin the forest canopy in order to allow more light, enabling new tr

In These Woods Letter Series

“In These Woods” is a monthly letter series for all those who interact with the woods. Whether you manage forests or appreciate from a distance, you can learn all about agroforestry, forest ecology, wildlife, recreation, timber management, and more. Sign up to enjoy, study and sustainably manage the woods around you. 

In These Woods Woodland Stewardship Series is a collaboration among Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia & Greene Counties, New York City DEP, USDA Forest Service, and the Watershed Agricultural Council’s Forestry Program


Due to our offices working remotely we will not be sending out a hard copy of the April issue of In These Woods Letter Series.

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Introduction to silviculture, forest health, forest management plans and understanding how to identify your woodland goals.

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Last updated February 18, 2021