Poinsettia plant

Poinsettia Care

So, you were gifted with a Poinsettia for the holidays! Now what do you do to keep it alive and happy? Here are some simple tips to keep it alive and mostly happy for your pleasure.

Place it near a sunny window facing south, east or west. Poinsettias are tropical and love light.

It needs heat to keep it alive as long as possible. Maintain 65 – 75 degrees during the day, but it will be fine with 60 degrees at night. Drafts and cold windows can hurt the leaves and cause premature leaf drop. Then you will have a “Charlie Brown Plant”.

Water the plant when the soil surface feels dry and let the water drain out of the bottom, it shouldn’t sit in water though. It will wilt without enough moisture and could be hard to revive. Kitchens usually have more humidity in the air which is good for your plant.

NO! The plant is not poisonous. Because it has a white sticky sap that could cause skin irritation, wash your hands after touching it. It was not meant to be eaten and can cause stomach irritation and discomfort if your cat chooses to eat it.

It comes in many natural colors like red, pink, white and mottled shades. The latest trend is to paint the bracts blue and purple with glitter. It will return to its natural color as it grows.

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Last updated December 4, 2023