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Episode 81: Tree Selection, Planting and Maintenance

Episode 81: Tree Selection, Planting and Maintenance

Are you interested in ensuring the beauty and safety of your landscape, and improving your property, while promoting the wellbeing of the environment? Planting trees might be a great place to start. But where should you begin?

Careful tree selection, planting and maintenance is the answer. Caleb White from New Leaf Tree Services joins the Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley podcast with an informative discussion on when to engage a tree service and what to expect.

Ideally, a new property owner can request a visit to better understand what is currently on the landscape, learn about the health of the existing trees, and understand what could be done to achieve a homeowner’s goals. Unfortunately, a storm event might result in uprooted trees or fallen tree limbs that require more immediate attention from a tree service to help with tree removal and/or pruning. Both situations are quite common in the Hudson Valley.

Tree services often have a certified arborist on staff who is specially trained to deal with the art and science of planting, caring, maintaining, and diagnosing trees, shrubberies, and other woody plant life. These professionals have spent time and effort mastering their craft to properly and effectively manage the growth and development of trees.

Caleb, who is an arborist, talks about what to look for in selecting new trees for your landscape, especially in light of climate change. He has a clear preference for native species that better suit New York’s ecology and support the insects, birds, and other wildlife. Ornamental options are okay when planted for specific reasons. Did you know that evergreens don’t like to be planted closely together? Something to consider when looking for screening on your property. Learn about the benefits of some of Caleb’s favorite trees including Red Maples, Oaks, American Linden and Eastern Redbud.

Once the tree has been selected and sourced from a reputable nursery, having it properly planted is key to surviving its first year. Consider using biochar and having the soil inoculated at planting time to provide trees with the nutrients that will enable them to thrive. Proper watering is absolutely fundamental. Have you heard about a tree diaper?

Existing trees also need maintenance. A tree service can evaluate the trunk structure, branch structure, cavities, bird activity, etc. to assess the health of the tree and evaluate any existing or potential risks to the home or landscape. Using a service with the proper equipment can help ensure that and canopy pruning, ornamental pruning or tree removal is done safely while also being gentle with the landscape.

Listen to this episode of Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley to become better informed should you want/need to consider using a tree service in the future.

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guest:Caleb White (New Leaf Tree Services)

Photo By: Teresa Golden

Production Support: Linda Aydlett, Teresa Golden and Annie Scibienski


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Last updated August 8, 2023