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Episode 89: Gardening with Native Perennials

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of native perennials in this engaging episode of "Nature Calls Conversations from the Hudson Valley." Co-host Tim Kennelty, our resident expert, is your guide as we explore these remarkable, sustainable garden wonders. Whether you're a gardening novice or a seasoned pro, this episode promises valuable insights into the world of native perennials, their resilience, and their magnetic allure to pollinators.

Our exploration spans the seasons, from the early whispers of spring to the full bloom of summer and beyond. Tim generously shares his wealth of knowledge, highlighting how these hardy plants are not only easy to cultivate but also require less water and fertilizer. The ecological significance of native perennials in supporting vital pollinators like butterflies and bees becomes abundantly clear.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on how to cultivate native perennials in your own green space. Tim's passion and expertise shines through as he provides guidance on choosing the right plants and understanding their unique characteristics. By tuning in, you'll gain the know-how to create a thriving garden that not only enhances your surroundings but also contributes positively to the local ecosystem.

Don't miss this opportunity to nurture your gardening skills and connect with the natural world. Hit that play button, and let's embark on this exciting journey together, discovering the magic of native perennials and their role in sustaining our environment.

Host:  Jean Thomas

Guest:  Tim Kennelty

Production Support:  Linda Aydlett, Teresa Golden, Annie Scibienski


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Last updated October 5, 2023