Climate Change
Image by Tim Kennelty

Episode 51: Climate Change

Episode 51: Climate Change

Climate change is all over the news but what exactly are the implications of higher carbon dioxide levels for the Hudson Valley? While New York State is at the forefront of climate leadership and environmental stewardship, what should we expect relative to extreme temperature and rainfall events?

Join Jenna and Zach, two CCE climate resiliency experts, to learn about potential climate hazards in New York State including an increase in insect, disease, invasive plant pressure as well as potential changes to USDA plant hardiness zones.

While gardeners can look forward to the potential of longer growing seasons, learn what you can do to minimize and adapt to these future climate changes.

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guests: Zach Spangler and Jenna Walzack

Photo by: Tim Kennelty

Production Support: Linda Aydlett and Teresa Golden

Resources: New York's Response to Climate Change - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation; Cornell Cooperative Extension | Climate Change and the Environment (; Cornell Cooperative Extension | Climate Change

Last updated January 12, 2023