Tender spring greens, tall shade plants and squash vine borers on new podcast episode

Episode 70: Spring Greens, Tall Shade Plants & Squash Borers

Welcome to another episode of the podcast, Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley, with something for everyone.

Annie Scibienski starts us off discussing the wide variety of tender greens that can be grown in spring gardens in the Hudson Valley. You probably know all about lettuce, but arugula and spinach are also great spring greens that are fun to grow, cook and eat! Gain some tips and techniques on Patch to Plate .

Then listen to Barbara Bravo talk about a wide range of options to add height to a New York shade garden which usually consist of low-growing plants. But structure and interest can be added with a number of shade tolerant plants such as flowering quince, giant fleece flower and goat’s beard. Ninebark is one of her favorites. Typically known as a medium shrub native to the eastern and central United States, there are ninebark cultivars that do well in shade. In addition to being a pollinator favorite, most varieties are drought tolerant too. Learn more on Made In the Shade.

Dede Terns-Thorpe and Jackie Hayden on Pests and Pathogens finish up this episode with a discussion about a popular pest of zucchini and other members of the cucurbit family: the dreaded Squash Vine Borer. As one of the earliest insects to show up in the garden as a moth, it can wreak havoc on a garden if not caught early. Learn some tips and tricks to help avoid and manage problems.

Hosts: Jean Thomas and Teresa Golden

Guests: Annie Scibienski, Barbara Bravo, Dede Terns-Thorpe and Jackie Hayden

Photo by: Tim Kennelty

Production Support: Linda Aydlett, Teresa Golden and Annie Scibienski


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Last updated May 25, 2023