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All about Hydrangeas on podcast Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley

Episode 46: Hydrangeas and Holiday Plants

Hydrangeas are a very popular landscape shrub and the topic of this podcast episode on Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley

What’s the difference between a lace cap and a mophead hydrangea? Why isn’t my hydrangea flowering? Where should a hydrangea be planted? How do I figure out what kind of hydrangea I have in my yard? When should hydrangeas be pruned? How do I get my white hydrangea flowers to turn blue? Or pink? What are other landscape plants to consider that offer similar ‘showy’ flower displays? Why don’t the hydrangea plants I receive as gifts overwinter? Join podcast founders and Master Gardener Volunteers (Linda Aydlett, Teresa Golden, Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas) in a round table discussion about hydrangeas and get your questions answered.

Then, Linda Levitt joins us with a new Flower Power segment to talk about Holiday plants including how to care for them. Amaryllis, Holiday Cactus and Poinsettias are all discussed.

Hosts: Tim Kennelty, Jean Thomas, Teresa Golden and Linda Aydlett

Guest:  Linda Levitt

Photo by: Tim Kennelty

Production Support: Linda Aydlett and Teresa Golden


Hydrangea Care: University of Illinois Extension ; Microsoft Word - Hort 167 Hydrangeas Sep 09.doc (rocklandcce.org) Poinsettias (psu.edu)Holiday Cacti: University of Illinois ExtensionAmaryllis | Home & Garden Information Center (clemson.edu)Poinsettias (psu.edu)

Last updated December 8, 2022