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Episode 90: Food, Plants, and Forks

Episode 90: Food, Plants, and Forks

Join us in this exciting podcast triple-feature!

In Patch to Plate: Peppers and Tomatoes, Master Gardener Volunteer Annie Scibienski shares her expertise on growing and savoring these flavorful Hudson Valley garden favorites. Discover the joys of growing and enjoying tomatoes and peppers and how these garden favorites can be the stars of your menu planning as she discusses their unique qualities and offers valuable insights into incorporating them into your meals. If you're looking for inspiration or are looking for a simple, under-30-minute dinner ideas, Annie has you covered with delicious recipes you won't want to miss.

Then, in Good Plant, Bad Plant: Asters and Tree of Heaven , Tim Kennelty explores the ecological impact of these distinct plants, from native asters to the invasive Tree of Heaven. Asters, once known as New World asters, are now classified under a different genera, particularly Symphyotrichum. These native plants offer vibrant colors in purple, pink and white while also supporting late-season pollinators, making them an excellent addition to your garden. On the flip side, the invasive Tree of Heaven ( Ailanthus altissima), is a non-native plant that has wreaked havoc in many ecosystems, including New York’s. As he describes, it’s critical to manage this troublesome plant, which also serves as the primary host for the destructive spotted lanternfly. Listen and learn how to identify, control, and support your local ecosystem.

Lastly, on the inaugural episode of The Grateful Shed: Garden Forks, Annie comes back to introduce you to the essential garden fork and its versatile uses, along with other fork types. Dive into the world of garden tools and elevate your gardening skills. As a new addition to the Nature Calls line-up, this segment of The Grateful Shed, introduces you to the world of garden tools. The garden fork, also known as a spading or digging fork, has many versatile uses, from loosening soil to mixing compost. Learn why choosing a fork with an ash or hickory handle is essential for long-lasting performance. She also dives into other types of forks, including the pitchfork, broad fork (or u-fork), and hand fork, explaining their specific purposes and benefits. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, understanding these tools will help you maintain a successful garden.

Don't miss out on this informative episode to help you elevate your gardening knowledge and skills!

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guests: Annie Scibienski and Tim Kennelty

Photo by: Tim Kennelty

Production Support: Linda Aydlett, Teresa Golden and Annie Scibienski


Patch to Plate: Tomatoes and Peppers

Good Plant/Bad Plant: Asters and Ailanthus

Grateful Shed: Garden Forks

  • Smith & Hawken: The Tool Book for the Well-Tended Garden by William Bryant Logan

Last updated October 12, 2023