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Nature Calls: Conversations from the Hudson Valley; Getting to Know Your Woodlands

Episode Seven: Getting to Know Your Woodlands

Listen to Pammi Price, from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Green Counties, in a fascinating discussion about Getting to Know Your Woodlands. Learn how to explore your property to discover its history and how to steward it towards a healthy future. Then join us with Heidi Bock (Trekking the Trails) to discover the wonderful variety of birds that you can find at the Ooms Conservation Area In Chatham, NY. Jean Thomas (It’s All Greek) concludes this episode with insights into the origins and naming conventions associated with botanical names.

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guest: Pammi Price


Getting to Know Your Woodlands (Pammi Price):

NY Master Forest Owner Program www.cornellmfo.info

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Agroforestry Resource Center - Woodland Stewardship; and Woodlot Management

Watershed Agricultural Council - www.nycwatershed.org - 607.865.7790

Forest Connect - www.ForestConnect.info

NY Forest Owners Association - www.nyfoa.org - 800.836.3566

Catskill Forest Association - www.catskillforest.org - 845.586.3054

Keep Forests Healthy tool

Cornell Master Forest Owner Volunteer program application information - 



Choosing a Forester - CCE Columbia & Greene 

Finding a Forester - New York Forest Owners Association

Why hire an arborist? Why Hire an Arborists (nysarborists.com)

Trekking the Trails (Heidi Bock):

Tips for bird identification: All About Birds

  • Contribute to the Ooms dataset by creating a list of all the birds you see: eBird

It’s All Greek to Me (Jean Thomas):

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