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Episode 96: Farming Trends in the Hudson Valley

Episode 96: Farming Trends

Have you wondered about the state of agriculture in the Hudson Valley? Or what New York farmers are focused on now? Or how they manage for regenerative and/or climate smart farming? If so, we have a great episode for you!

Join Christian Malsatski, CCE Agricultural Program Leader for Columbia, Greene, and Ulster Counties on a wide-ranging discussion on Farming Trends in the Hudson Valley. Christian has over 15 years of experience in agricultural research and education roles in Texas, Florida, and Wisconsin with a focus on field crops, soil science, beef cattle/livestock, and urban agriculture. He designs, organizes, and delivers programs serving agricultural producers/practioners and State/County officials and workers in many facets or agricultural endeavors.

Christian talks about the growing interest in agri-tourism and the diversification of many farm operations to include both crops and livestock. He explores the local grain economy as a community of farmers, millers & processors, distributors, bakers, maltsters, chefs, livestock owners, and others who eat and use grains. They communicate and interact together to provide and consume local grains, facilitating each other’s success and good health. This includes relationship of many farmers to New York craft breweries.

Farmers today face ongoing threats from deer damage as well as from invasive pests like the spotted lantern fly. Learn why soil health is so important to the future of productive farms and how rotational schedules help.

This episode provides insight into the challenges faced by today’s farmers and how they are adapting to thrive in today’s economy.

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guest: Christian Malsatski

Photo By: Jean Thomas

Production Support: Linda Aydlett, Deven Connelly, Teresa Golden, Xandra Powers, and Annie Scibienski


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