Coneflower with a bee
Image by Tim Kennelty

Coneflowers, mugwort, Winterizing the Garden and Overmountain Conservation Area

Episode 41: Winterizing the Garden, Coneflowers, Mugwort & Overmountain

This week’s podcast episode contains a little bit of everything for residents of the Hudson Valley. Teresa Golden (The Veggie Patch) starts it off with a segment about how to put a vegetable garden ‘to bed’ for the winter. Sanitation and composting are covered as key elements to successfully preparing a garden to survive the winter and be ready to get off to a fast start in the spring.

Then Tim Kennelty (Good Plant/ Bad Plant) is back with another segment featuring the purple cornflower (echinacea purpurea), a favorite New York garden perennial and a very colorful native flower, beloved by birds and pollinators. He also discusses the challenges of dealing with mugwort, a common weed in the garden which is also a prolific invasive.

The episode concludes with another virtual tour with Heidi Bock (Trekking the Trails). The Overmountain Conservation area, located in Ancram, NY, consists of 10 miles of trails with awesome scenic overlooks of both the Catskill and Taconic Mountains. It’s also a great place to see grassland birds.

We hope these segments inform, educate, and inspire you to enjoy the natural beauty that exists in New York’s Hudson Valley. Enjoy!

Hosts: Tim Kennelty and Jean Thomas

Guests: Teresa Golden, Tim Kennelty and Heidi Bock

Photo by: Tim Kennelty


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Last updated November 3, 2022